This is for All You Kayak Gar Fishermen Out There

About a month ago, I caught my first gar from a kayak accidentally while catfishing.

This got me to thinking:  (1)  There are lots of gar in these rivers I fish, and they are always willing to bite, almost annoyingly.  + (2) Gar are worth 15 points each in Kayak Wars (though unfortunately not eligible for bonus points) with a team maximum of 50 per month.  =  (3) I need to find a way to catch these suckers on a regular basis!

So I did a little research and found a gar rig utilized by the great North Carolina freshwater fisherman, Mack in NC.  Since then, I’ve taken to the river 3 times and I’ve had pretty good results.  21 longnose gar have made it into my boat, with the best measuring 39 inches.

I never thought I would say this, but I’m really looking forward to my next kayak gar fishing trip!

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Super Happy Fun Day Trip – Bowfin Edition

Last weekend, Nathan, Scott, Joey, and I set off to make a jump in the freshwater standings in Kayak Wars.  The game plan for team Nacho Fish was to target aggressive bowfin with bass tackle, and put up a bunch of points in the process.

Joey and I arrived at the boat ramp at 7am, about a half hour after Scott and Nathan had already launched.  We no sooner paddled up to our buddies and Nathan was hooked up with a monster bow (already his second of the day).  This one measured 27.75″ and weighed over 7 pounds.

I started the day throwing a Senko worm and it became clear to me that the fish weren’t into it.  I switched to my trusty Texas-rigged trick worm and it was on!  Over the course of the next several hours, I caught 6 bowfin and 7 largemouth.  Here is photo of my biggest (27″).

The bite was a little streaky during the day.  They’d bite well for a couple hours, then no one would get a bite for an hour, and then they’d bite again.  On the day we landed 20 bowfin and 2 largemouth bass that were point-worthy.  Twelve of the bows qualified for bonus points (23″ or longer).

When it was all said and done that day, we had put 560 points on the board and had made a substantial move in the standings.  This one solid day as a team put us within striking distance of first place.

Stay tuned this summer as team Nacho Fish keeps putting up the points!

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Caught my first gar from the kayak yesterday while catfishing.  35.5 fresh Kayak Wars inches!  Thanks to Scott for the assistance.  🙂

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Evening Trip to Harris

I met Joey at Harris after school yesterday for a little hawg hunting.  It was a beautiful evening to be on the water after a long day of final exams.  Joey caught four bass using his trusty frog and Senko combo.  I only caught three largemouth – one on a topwater frog and the other two on a Senko.  Two bass were small, but the third was 5.5 lbs and 22.5″.

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Enough About Joey…

I had a pretty solid weekend of bass fishing, too!

Saturday, we fished from 5:15am-3pm.  I landed 18 largemouth bass, with the best five measuring 20.25″, 19.25″, 19.25″, 19″, and 18.75″.  All bass were caught on a topwater frog and weightless lizard baits.  I tried a new bait I’d been wanting to use – the Strike King Rage Toad – and I loved it!  The topwater bite this time of year on Shearon Harris is incredible.  The largemouth will take your breath away with how hard they strike topwater frogs.  Here are two solid fish from Saturday in the 4 pound range.

On Sunday, Joey and I went back and had a ball again.  We fished from 5am to about 11:30am.  I used my last two Rage Toads before they got ripped to shreds, and then switched to the lizard again.  The early morning topwater bite was hot again!  I landed 6 fish on the frog, the best was this (ugly) 22″ bass.  She attacked the bait but missed, so I just killed the frog and let it slowly sink.  A second later she rolled on the sinking bait and I set the hook.

I also picked up this guy a little later in the morning off a laydown on a lizard.

Then I got this skinny fella on a lizard right before I left.  21″ and only 3.75 lbs.

All in all, I caught 15 bass this weekend that were between 3 and 5 pounds.  It was an AWESOME weekend of bass fishing.  No 9 lbers for me this weekend though…  😦

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The Best Kayak Fisherman I Know

His name is Joey Sullivan, and he showed this weekend why he’s the best.

He caught this 9-pound, 4-ounce behemoth largemouth bass on a green and white Senko at Shearon Harris.  What a bass!  It was his personal best (I’d also witnessed his previous best 8-lb, 15-oz) and it was the biggest bass I’d ever seen.  Congratulations to a good fishing buddy!

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Still fishing…

Haven’t posted in a couple weeks because I’ve been too busy fishing!  Joey and I have caught some nice fish lately.  Here is an photo-heavy update post.

First off is Joey’s monster Harris largemouth from 4/14.  This chunk weighed 7 lbs, 15 oz and was 22.5″

Here is Harris bass that I caught on 4/16.  This bass was 20.75″ and a shade under 5 lbs.  Joey and I went on a nice run at Harris and hit our Kayak Wars limit for largemouth for the month of April.  In 3 trips (4/14, 4/16, and 4/17), I think we caught 7 largemouth 20″ or over, with several more 19″ or better.

Since we needed to target fish other than largemouth bass, we headed to the Cape Fear River on 4/23 to see what it would bring us.  Here is a carp that Joey caught that almost ripped his rod and reel out of his kayak.

The carp were in there thick, but luckily other fish were biting.  🙂  We ended the day having caught 7 species of fish – carp, striped bass, white bass, spotted bass, bluegill, catfish, and largemouth bass.  Here is the best striper of the day – a hard fighting 24.5″er caught on topwater.

I went back to the river today and caught a big white bass (2.75 lbs) and a monster carp (~32″ and probably about 20 lbs).

It’s my spring break from school, so hopefully there will be more big fish to come!

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