Three Slams at the Fort (11/24/11)

GUEST POST by Turtlestewsbro:

So myself, Bro, our Stepfather and Toba hit Carolina Beach after Thanksgiving for some grass flats action. We got on the water a little after dawn with the yaks loaded up. After searching for a while and not really seeing anything, we decided to hit an area that usually produces for us. The tide was right, and the fish were there. We found a couple good schools of reds, and within minutes, we all had a slot red for the cooler. We caught and lost several each, and finally the schools were spooked and split the county.

We paddled around a few hours, and decided to try some different areas, as we knew we weren’t gona beat the tide out. It’s a good thing too. We found a producing trout hole and started catching both speckled trout and flounder. We caught several trout and lost even more – those are some cagey fish when they get a little size to them. Toba had already caught the only trout of the day. But before we left, just as the sun set, myself, bro and Toba had slammed. Doug, our stepfather, had the most reds though, along with a 26″ – 7lbr that took big fish of the day. I also caught my personal best trout – just a hair under 20″ and 3lbs. Toba and I had our first inshore slams under our belts, and Joey had his second. All fish were caught on swimbaits and Gulp! on jigheads.

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