Super Happy Fun Day Trip – Bull Red Edition

I arrived at Joey’s house a little before 5am last Sunday.  We loaded up his car and headed down Hwy 70 toward the coast.  We met our buddy Nathan a little before 8am at Minnesott Beach Bait and Tackle.  After a quick stop to get some bait and drum rigs, we headed to Oriental to fish.

The water was slick calm when we launched and it stayed that way for about the first 5 hours of fishing.  Around 1pm I got the first bite of the day.  The fish picked up the bait and ran towards my boat.  Within seconds, I had tension on the line and the fish began ripping drag unlike anything I’d ever experienced.  I held my thumb down on the spool to slow it down, but it was no use.  I calmly detached the anchor rope and my boat started heading south.  The sleigh ride was on!

After about 5 minutes, the fish was on the surface of the water exhausted from pulling me around.  It was the fish we’d driven all this way to catch – a bull red, or, as they say here in North Carolina, an old drum.  Either way it turned out to be a monster – 43 inches in length and probably around 30 lbs (we didn’t have a scale big enough).

Around 1:30 the wind picked up and we bobbed around the big water for the next several hours trying for another bite.  Unfortunately, it didn’t come.  So we packed up and headed home.

Was it a successful trip?  I guess so.  Would have loved for my buddies to hook up too, but it wasn’t in the cards.  Big thanks to Joey doing all the legwork for this trip, and for driving us there and back safely.  Also thanks to Captain Dave from Minnesott Beach Bait and Tackle for the tips.

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3 Responses to Super Happy Fun Day Trip – Bull Red Edition

  1. cecy says:

    omg mr.d are you sure that is a fish…….that looks like a shark jajaja JK JK…….:)

  2. Mack says:

    you suck………Just kiddin……….way to go……that was worth a 6hr ride……Mack

  3. That fish is bigger than 30lbs!

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