Catch-Up Post – Late Summer River Bassin’

August 11 – Haw River – Did this float alone.  Boated a couple dozen bass, biggest was 18.75″.  Caught the majority of them on a black Trick Worm and a green pumpkin Brush Hog.  Also caught a couple short fish on a buzzbait.  Four bass were 16″ or better for Kayak Wars points.——————–

August 16 – Haw River – My buddy Taylor joined me as we floated the same stretch of river as 8/11.  The bass didn’t disappoint; Taylor and I estimate that we landed somewhere around 40 bass between us.  Again, Texas-rigged soft plastics got it done.  River donkey of the day went 20.75″ and 5.25 lbs.  It was another productive day, as I added another 50 Kayak Wars points for team Nacho Fish.


August 20 – Yadkin River – NCKFA Smallmouth Slam Tournament – Had a blast at this tourney with a bunch of fine NCKFA folks.  Fishing was tough for everyone because there was a decent amount of rain a couple days prior and muddied up the river.  Only 2 guys caught their 3-fish limit.

For my day of fishing, I only got 3 bites and I caught 2 fish. First fish put up a nice little fight – felt it might have been a good start – but it turned out to be a largemouth so it didn’t count. Got him off a laydown. Second fish, a 16.25″ smallie, also came on the black Trick Worm. Found him behind a rock about 10′ from the bank. (New KW inches!) Third bite I got on the worm I swung and missed.

Billy Scarboro from Archdale won the tourney and took home a brand new Jackson Kayak Coosa.  Because of a technicality, I came in 3rd place with my only smallmouth.  🙂


August 28 – Haw River – Joey and I hadn’t done a river trip together all year and we were itching to get out, so we decided that the day after Hurricane Irene passed through was as good a day as any.

Fishing started off a little slow for both of us, but as the sun got up into the sky and it started to warm up so did the bite.  Like the float with Taylor a couple of weeks prior, Joey and I slayed the bass to the tune of 40-45 between us.  I landed 5 that were 16″ or better, Joey only had 3.  (I won.)  But Joey came through with the river pig of the day – this 21″, 5.5 pound beauty.

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1 Response to Catch-Up Post – Late Summer River Bassin’

  1. Eric says:

    Look at all those gorgeously accessorized yaks! Very impressed, wish I could have been there.

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