Heroes on the Water Personal Best

I met Fort Bragg HOW angler Matt at the Cape Fear River on Sunday.  We decided that longnose gar would be the target species for the day.

Matt’s first cast resulted in a nice little gar – the first he’d ever caught.  It was probably about 26 or 27 inches.  He wasn’t satisfied with the little fella; the goal was to catch a monster.

A little while later, he hooked up with a nice one that put up a good fight before jumping completely out of the water and spitting the hook.  I managed to capture it on video…

Matt was a little bummed about losing that fish, but things would turn around within minutes.  On his next cast a fish was on it as soon as it hit the water.  Matt waited patiently before setting the hook and when he did, the fish started ripping drag right away.  This time Matt pushed off the rock that he was perched on so he could play the fish a little better in open water.  After a couple of tense moments, Matt landed this 43.5″ longnose gar – the longest fish he’s ever caught.

It was an AWESOME day and I hope we hit the water again soon!

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