I Don’t Fly Fish Very Often…

…but when a family friend from California sent me some flies that he tied, I had to get out and toss them around!

So a couple of weeks ago, a buddy took me to a small private lake in Greensboro so I could give the flies a try.  I started out tossing a grasshopper and within minutes…

Shortly after that…


The panfish were in this lake thick, and they were hungry – the hoppers were getting hit just about every cast.  That kind of action makes for a fun fishing trip!  This badboy hit hopper right after it landed about 3 inches from a brick wall.  He measured 8.5″.

After a couple hours of constant action, the hoppers were getting worn out.  I switched over to a popper and this hungry bass snatched it after a couple twitches.

It was a short evening trip, but it was loaded with action.  I was happy to leave the baitcasters at home and break out the fly gear for once.  THANKS, TIM!

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