Sandbridge and Rudee

My wife got together with some old friends at a house in Sandbridge, VA this past weekend, and the Mariner and I went with her.  I’ve been wanting to surf launch and fish off the beach and this was my opportunity.

Saturday morning while I was getting ready to leave, I realized I’d left some saltwater tackle at home.  So I headed over to Bruce’s Tackle Shop.  The guy at the shop told me there wasn’t much happening off the beach these days – that I’d missed the reds in the surf.  Bummer, I thought.  But I decided to give it a shot anyways.

There was plenty of bait in the water, but the reds I was hoping for weren’t there.  Regardless of not catching anything besides bait, I had a really fun day.  I launched and landed in the surf successfully a couple times (did it again the next day, too).  That was a first for me and it made me happy.

The next day I decided to get up early and fish at Rudee Inlet, another place I’d been wanting to check out.  I launched shortly after 5am on an incoming tide.  Within an hour, I’d found some trout that had an interest in my jerk shad.  🙂  They weren’t keepers, but it was nice to catch something.

A short flounder also fell for my jerk shad.

I was bound and determined to catch a red and complete the slam, but unfortunately it wasn’t in the cards.  I ended the morning with 9 trout and a flounder.

I really enjoyed the time on the water this weekend.

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