Harris with Skooteri and Turtlestew

I joined Joey and Scott at Shearon Harris this early this morning for a little ‘yak bass fishing.  We didn’t catch a ton of fish, but we caught some fish, and we had fun.  Here’s how it went down:

My first bass was also my longest of the day – 19.25″.  The skinny bass hit a swimbait right after it landed near a weed edge.  He didn’t put up much of a fight – the dog days of summer must be wearing him down.

My second fish was shorter (18.75″), but fatter and healthier than the first.  It hammered a spinnerbait that I reeled through some hydrilla.

My next fish was a chain pickerel.  It took him 4 tries, but he finally got a good hold on my spinnerbait.  This fish reminded me of how my buddy Joe and I used to catch northern pike on spinnerbaits in Wisconsin.

I also caught a couple smaller bass on a Yum Dinger.  I ended the morning a bowfin (saw a biggun’, casted a spinnerbait at him, he crashed it, he thrashed a bit, then he spit it) short of the Harris slam.

Joey, fresh off his TJM tournament victory, caught a few bass as well.  His first one hit a topwater frog right behind me.

Joey’s next one, his best of the day (18.5″), was caught with a spinnerbait.

He also caught another bass on a Senko.

Scott caught several bass on topwater.  This is the only one I photographed.  He was still on the water fishing away when I took off.

It was a good little Saturday morning fishing trip.  🙂

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2 Responses to Harris with Skooteri and Turtlestew

  1. Nathan Raycroft says:

    Good looking fish from the whole crowd. Can’t wait for this tournament. I will see you then.

  2. Joey Sullivan says:

    Had fun guys, let’s do it again.

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