Quick River Trip

I went to my favorite river for a quick fishing trip this past Saturday.  My high schools’ graduation ceremony was at 10am, so that gave me a couple hours to get out and fish.  I went to a spot that I’m going to fish in a couple weeks for the River Bassin’ Charlotte tourney to see how things looked.  I was pretty pleased with the water clarity, since it had still been fairly muddy a few days before.  The fish weren’t biting like crazy, but I landed four bass – 18.75″, 16.25″, 13.5″, and 12.25″.  If it were tournament day, I’d have ended with 48.5″, which is a pretty decent showing.  I’m certain that total length won’t win the the River Bassin’ tourney, but it might place.

I’m really excited about the River Bassin’ tournament for several reasons:

1.  My dad is coming up from Texas and he will be fishing in the tournament with me.  He’s never been in a kayak before, never fished on a flowing river, and he’s never been in a fishing tournament.  Should be very interesting.

2.  My wife might sign up for the tournament also.  She’s caught some really nice bass on our river, so she’s really tempted to register.  I hope she does.

3.  I get to fish on my favorite river.  🙂

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