Shearon, please don’t tell my wife about us…

Shearon Harris and I have something special going on between us this spring.  This weekend I fished Harris for the 15th and 16th times this year.  Both days I met Joey at the lake bright and early.  Here is a little recap:

Saturday 6/5 – Launched at 5:15am and paddled out to Joey who’d already had two frog blow ups.  We continued on to our favorite cove and I got my first blow up on about my 20th cast.  It was a vicious strike and the fish got all tangled up in the primrose during the fight.  After a hairy couple seconds, I was able to land an 18.75″ (aaalmost 19″) largemouth with Joey’s assistance.  It took me a while to get my kayak/line/lure out of the weeds, string up the fish, and set up for the photo shoot.  Here is the result:

The ordeal with the first fish took way longer that I wanted.  By the time I released the fish, several precious minutes of casting was wasted.  I decided to paddle out to an area that I hadn’t fished much before.  In the next 20 minutes, the blow ups came fast and furious, but I was unable to land another fish on the frog (missing 5 or 6).  As soon as the sun came up over the horizon the topwater bite shut down.  I switched to a weightless Texas-rigged senko, targeting weed edges, and quickly caught another largemouth, though only about a 14″er.  Unbeknownst to me, that would be the last fish I caught that day, and it was only about 7am.  I continued to throw the senko with no luck for the next two hours.

Around 9am, Joey and I decided that we needed to look deeper, so we switched up tackle and went lunker hunting in 12-20′ of water.  Unfortunately, deep crankbaits, swimbaits, and Carolina rigs were unproductive, so we decided to get off the water by 11:45am.  Joey ended the day with one largemouth, a nice 19.5″er that fell for a frog.

Sunday 6/6 – Launched early again – this time at 4:45am.  Paddled right out to the area where I had several blow ups the day before.  As soon as I got out there I heard fish slamming the top of the water all around me.  I couldn’t get my frog in the water fast enough!  First cast a bass swirled at it but didn’t eat it.  Hmmm.   Interesting.  Several casts later, same result.  Weird.  It happened four or five times before a short fish actually took the bait.  First one I landed was about 12″.  I rushed to get him off the hook and my bait back in the water.  A few minutes later, a 20.25″ largemouth hammered my frog about 4 feet from my boat when I wasn’t expecting it.  It gave me a nice splash as it thrashed about for a few seconds before being netted.  Here he/she is:

I went on to catch three more bass.  Two were short and one was about 15″.  Remarkably, I hooked and landed the first FIVE (!) bass that actually bit the bait (the perfect day was broken up when the 6th and final blowup resulted in a missed hook set).  Once again, as soon as the sun came up over the horizon the bite shut off.  Instead of switching up presentations like the previous day, we decided to call it a day after three hours of fishing.

Joey ended the day with two boated bass – I think he said his best was about 16″.   We were both amazed with how many bass swirled at our baits but didn’t actually bite.  It probably happened to us about 10 times.  We were off the water and on the road by 8:15.

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